Thursday, August 23, 2012

Volunteers Go For the Gold at Daycamp Olympics

The Northwest Special Recreation Association's (NWSRA) Camp Connections summer camp for children with physical and mental disabilities ended with an Olympic-sized celebration in August.  Campers, most of whom get around in wheelchairs, were treated to a day of games, a special lunch and an awards ceremony with their families.  

Scheck & Siress supported the program for the second year by sending 7 employee volunteers for the day.  Since most of the NWSRA kids are also patients of Scheck & Siress, our employees feel a special connection to this camp and enjoyed celebrating with the group.  NWSRA enjoyed the help of several, well-qualified volunteers.   It's a community partnership that really makes a difference.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Challenged Athletes Clinic Held for Chicago Runners

Saturday, August 11th was a beautiful day - one of those days that make you feel guilty if you go inside.  It was on this sunny Saturday that Ossur, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Scheck & Siress and the Chicago Park District invited disabled athletes out to get some expert advice on getting active.  A running and mobility clinlic held at LaFollette Park in Chicago brought out about 30 people with disabilities, mostly amputations, to try walking, running and moving more efficiently and comfortably. Special guest coach, Bob Gailey, PhD, PT was on hand to help with training techniques, balance and maximizing prosthetic capabilities.  It was a big success!  Visit our website regularly to learn about upcoming athletic events and clinics: