Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pain Management patient testimonial

The Pain Management Suit is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The chronic pain I experience has only been managed with pharmaceuticals up until now. Due to its affect on my mental functioning, I did not want to continue my life under the influence of pain medications. I have had illnesses all my life and I believe in having a normal life, not the life style of a medically ill person. The pain management suit gave me my active and pain free lifestyle back!

Scheck and Siress has provided me with the means to live my normal life style with the Pain Management Suit. The staff provided the highest professional service and truly cared about me. They spent many hours to fit the suit perfectly to my body. This was not easy due to other medical adaptive equipment I currently use. The staff at Scheck and Siress is the most wonderful, caring group of professionals I have ever worked with. I have received medical care at major medical centers throughout the United States, and they are by far the best!

Kathleen J. Krakar

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