Thursday, May 31, 2012

International Conference on Scoliosis Treatment: SOSORT

David Speers, CPO of Scheck and Siress was invited to speak at the 7th annual meeting of the International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment, or SOSORT, in Milan, Italy.  

Speers states,  "My involvement with SOSORT has allowed me to stay current with the latest scoliosis treatment techniques from all over the world.  I am able to apply these techniques in my daily practice in Chicago.  Being invited to speak at the conference was an honor."

Milan, Italy where SOSORT conference was held in May, 2012

His presentations were entitled, “Comparison of in-brace correction between supine, molded, asymmetric TLSOs and standing, CAD, symmetric TLSOs" and "The effects of scoliosis bracing on parent and child perception of adolescent's quality of life". 

A newer organization, SOSORT is gaining recognition as a leading organization for the conservative treatment of scoliosis.  SOSORT will host their 2013 international meeting in Chicago.  To learn more about the organization and international conference, visit

David Speers is an orthotist and prosthetist in the Schaumburg office of Scheck and Siress where he specializes in pediatric orthotic care and general prosthetic care.  

A typical TLSO orthosis or brace for conservative scoliosis treatment

Orthotists work together with physicians  to correct scoliosis

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